African Proverbs- African Personal names derived from it

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Despite the fact that the subject is deficiently investigated, numerous African individual names are related with African precepts. Such names remain for useful titbits, as for such viewpoints as patience, cowardice, hastiness, bravery, speed, warning, laziness, defense, warning, allegiance, friendship, boastfulness, ignorance, showiness, jealousy, alertness, thankfulness, trust and mistrust, cooperation, and humility. The Baganda of […]

Read awesome Indian eBooks Written by Indian Authors

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eBooks in India have high potential market. The volume of Indian ebooks is developing day by day. Many platforms have been introduced so that you can download and read ebooks. However, downloading books is not legal unless they are made available free of cost by the author or the publisher himself. You can enjoy reading […]

From our childhood we start reading books. First, we get to read small poems books. As we grow we read the books of our syllabus of schools. As we grow more older, we read books for our entertainment and fun. Some books are read for pleasure and others are read for knowledge. But it is […]

Enjoy Reading Books Of Jewish And Latin Ebook Author

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A book can sometimes prove to be a best friend for anyone. You can spend hours reading a nice book and still wanting them to read more. ANANCY eBooks is one of the famous authors and publishers of variety of books. We satisfy all your books and eBook marketing and publishing needs. Our jewish ebook […]

Jamaican Proverb:  Ben di tree wen it young, wen it old, it wi bruk.       Essence:                      Discipline                 Translation:               Bend the tree when it is young, when it is old, it will break. Contextual:                  This saying illustrates that youth is the optimum time for training and discipline.  Contemplation: The training of children is best started at a ready, early age. […]

Jamaican Proverb: lm poor show ah great.

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Jamaican Proverb:                 lm poor show ah great.          South African eBooks  Essence:                                     Authenticity Jamaican Proverb:                 lm poor show ah great.           Translation:                           His poor show is great. Contextual:    By being who we really are – constantly accepting of, and being authentic whatever our condition, rich or poor, high or low – […]

Anancy News Handwritten Newspapers

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Jamaican Proverb: Rata ketch eena trap im part wid im tail

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Jamaican Proverb:   Rata ketch eena trap im part wid im tail   South African Culture:  Essence:          Reductions  Proverb:         Rata ketch eena trap im part wid im tail                 Translation:   Rat caught in a trap parts with his tail.  Contextual:  Herein lies a lesson on living without excess. The precursor of this lesson is close self-examination […]

Why Buy Jewish eBooks Online?

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An eBook is the short form for electronic book and is also called digital book. An eBook is a digital equivalent of the traditional book which is paper-printed. eBooks can serve as the electronic version of already printed books or fresh books that are created digitally. eBooks should be easily readable on hand-held electronic devices […]

Caribbean books: Ol’ debt bettah dan ol’ grudge.

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Caribbean books: Ol’ debt bettah dan ol’ grudge.  Anancy eBooks  serves published writers, new authors, publishers, and editors of folklore, mythology, cultural, and mind-body-spirit genres. Caribbean books: Ol’ debt bettah dan ol’ grudge. Possible meaning: It is far easier to handle physical problems than mental one. Do the hard thing – forgive so that old […]

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